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7 Tips for More Profitable Events

Conferences, trade shows, and exhibitions can be highly profitable events for direct sales companies, trade associations and other event planners. For exhibitors especially, the ability to accept payments on the trade show floor.

Below are seven of the easiest and most affordable ways for making your next event the most profitable one yet:

1. Allow Mobile Credit Card Processing

Want to boost sales and conversions?  Make sure your team (and vendors) can easily accept major credit cards using mobile processing solutions. This saves you the time and trouble of lugging around traditional credit card machines. 

At BluePay, we offer both in-phone Apps and attachable hardware payment solutions to allow easy and secure processing on the go.

2. Announce That You Accept Mobile Credit Card Payments

Of all the credit card processing tips, this is the easiest but most overlooked step.  In your pre-event marketing materials and throughout the conference itself, be sure to alert attendees that you accept all major credit cards.

3. Train Event Staff in Advance

Anyone who is familiar with traditional credit card processing shouldn't have any problems using wireless or mobile payment solutions. But just in case, you should have a quick run through with all team members to make sure there are no questions.

4. Overstock Your Inventory

When you expand your payment options, something incredible happens: You sell more products. If you enjoy turning away sales, you’ll be fine; for the rest of us, overstocking inventory is the difference between a great sales day and a blockbuster day.

5. Provide Multiple Payment Locations

The last thing you need is a bottleneck as attendees line up to pay at your both. Provide your floor team with multiple smartphones and tablets to accept credit cards so there are enough payment locations to handle a surge of customers. 

  • Bonus Tip 1: Designate both stationary payment locations and teams that can roam throughout the event space.
  • Bonus Tip 2: Most payment systems are interoperable. But consider using both Android and iPhone platforms to ensure that you have all your bases covered.

6. Battery Power and Wireless Connectivity

For most events, 3G and 4G cellular data are sufficient for credit card processing. But make certain that the event space is also Wi-Fi enabled.

In addition, charge all devices in advance so that the batteries are at 100 percent.

7. Automate Registration and Follow-Up

Integrate payment solutions with attendee registration and CRM software to make the entire process as automated as possible. The advantages of this approach include:

  • Less paperwork (and fewer man-hours)
  • Easier follow-up (for direct mailing and future upsells)
  • A more seamless experience (for busy attendees)

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