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6 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Blog

6 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a BlogAs a business owner, you already know how hard it is to stay abreast of constant changes such as: 

  • New tax laws.
  • Evolving payment technology.
  • Industry trends. 

Plus, your company likely releases its own products, services and features on a regular basis. Against this backdrop, who has time to blog? 

There are very compelling reasons why you should launch and maintain a blog with regularly updated content. 

We’ll start with an obvious one. 

1. Blogs can increase website traffic

Writing articles allows you to target the keywords your potential users search for on search engines. Each new post acts as another “fishing line” in the water that helps to attract more traffic to your site. 

Without those articles, you’ll likely never reach page 1 of Google. In today’s world, this means your company simply won’t exist in the minds of most Internet users. However, there are many other benefits beyond increasing website traffic. 

Let’s take a look. 

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2. Blogs help establish authority

Your potential customers have questions. They’ll find the answers somewhere. With a blog post, that “somewhere” can be your site. 

You might not make a new sale from every visitor, but if you provide valuable information to your readers, you’ll occupy a more authoritative position in their minds. When they are ready to buy, yours is the site they’ll most likely revisit. 

As an added bonus, blogs are a great place for covering all of the aforementioned new regulations, technological advances and product launches. 

3. Blogs can generate leads

According to a HubSpot study, companies with blogs consistently generate more leads than those that don’t have a blog. 

The reason is pretty simple: Writing articles allows you to target customers across all stages of the buying cycle — from those who simply want more information to those who are ready to make a purchase. 

Be sure to end every post with a strong call to action (CTA), whether you want users to: 

  • Sign up for a newsletter
  • Request more information
  • Load their shopping cart 

4. Blogs have a great ROI

According to another HubSpot study, businesses that write blog posts are 13 times more likely to have a higher return on their marketing efforts. 

One reason is each post lives in perpetuity. Unlike with advertisements and newsletters that are short-lived, one-off events, the articles you publish — especially those with evergreen topics — can continue generating traffic as long as they remain posted. 

That’s a pretty decent return on investment. You write a blog once and it helps you generate more leads today, tomorrow and potentially 10 years from now. The trick is to publish evergreen content that remains “forever” relevant. 

5. Blogs are personable

Get people excited about your industry. After all, those users could spend their time reading about relationships, fitness or luxury travel. Plus, your site must also compete with social media, YouTube and countless other online distractions. 

Writing blog posts can help you present a more accessible, approachable and personable spin. In other words, writing articles allows you to break out of your shell and be a little more playful. 

6. Blogs can offer insights

Publishing articles on a regular basis creates more touchpoints with your users. This allows you to better understand what your customers want. 

With Google Analytics, for example, you can see: 

  • Which posts receive the most traffic
  • Which articles have the highest bounce rates
  • Which topics generate the most leads 

You can adjust your editorial calendar accordingly by creating better content that leads to more traffic and sales. 

Undeniable Proof That Blogs Work

We’re a payment company that published an article on the importance of writing blogs. You eventually stumbled on this post, probably as a result of some type of Google search. This is undeniable proof that maintaining a blog can help increase website traffic. After all, you’re here reading this article now. 

Will you ever use any of our services? Maybe. Maybe not. This blog post brought you here nonetheless, and that’s an important first step. Moreover, we’ve published hundreds of other articles about all things payments, technology, business best practices, and more — and they continue to generate traffic, leads and sales. 

If you’ve put off your blog campaign due to lack of time, our advice is simple: Make blogging a top priority moving forward. The benefits you’ll receive are well worth the investment.

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