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6 Benefits of Using Online Payment Forms

BluePay is pleased to bring you this valuable information from our partner, JotForm, an easy-to-use online form builder helping businesses meet their unique needs. Learn more about BluePay’s new integration partnership with JotForm here

Whether you run an e-commerce website, manage a nonprofit, or direct a school, online payment forms are a simple and secure way to accept credit, debit or ACH payments for goods, services, donations and more.

No matter the size or type of your organization, there are many benefits to using online payment forms. 

  1. Save Time

    Online payment forms can be created easily within a matter of minutes versus an hour or more of your time to manually print invoices, stuff envelopes, and drop at the post office. By eliminating these tedious tasks, you free up more time to grow your customer base and increase sales.

  2. Reduce Costs

    By offering an online payment form, you reduce costs for paper, supplies, and postage, while minimizing your green footprint.

  3. Receive Payments Faster

    Your online payment form is always open, allowing customers and donors to make payments any time of day, which means you get your money faster rather than having to wait for checks to come in and clear the bank. And, you can easily automate payments for subscription and recurring billing customers so they pay on time, every time, without having to remember to login in or re-enter payment details.

  4. Attract More Customers

    Giving your customers alternative ways to pay is a sure fire way to increase your customer base. More than ever, most consumers don’t even carry cash and some millennials don’t even have a check book, let alone know how to write a check, but almost everyone has a credit or debit card.

  5. Customize to Fit Your Brand

    Payment forms can be customized to align with the branding of your organization and can either be embedded on your website or sent as a link.

  6. Reduce your PCI Scope

    If you manually collect customer payment information and store in your system, you’re putting your business at risk and bringing your organization into PCI scope. This can result in hefty fees and loss of customer confidence if your operation is breached. Using an online payment form reduces your scope, as sensitive payment information is typically stored by a secure third-party processor.

How can online payment forms be used?

  • Goods or services – from retailers selling apparel to municipalities collecting utility payments
  • Registrations – from schools offering classes to organizations putting on events
  • Donations – from nonprofits promoting on a website to religious groups emailing their members

If you have a need to collect payments or raise money for your organization, an online payment form is a simple and secure solution. To start creating payment forms with JotForm integrated with BluePay’s award-winning technology, click here. 

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