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4 Tips for Mobile Credit Card Processing at Trade Show Events

Being able to accept and authorize credit card payments at trade shows has makes marketing and selling your products easier. Using mobile credit card processing at trade shows lets you accept and authorize payments and even send email receipts, all in the palm of your hand.

Preparing to make sales at a trade show is key to a smooth event. Below are four tips to make accepting payments at your next industry trade event easier.

Four tips for mobile credit card processing at trade shows

Before you head off to your next trade event, be sure to consider the following tips:

1. Keep your phone fully charged. As you'll be processing charges via your phone or tablet computer, it's imperative to keep the device fully charged. Use lunch breaks or other downtime to plug in the charger.

2. Train your employees in advance. A busy day at the trade show is no time to start learning how to process payments using your mobile merchant account. Make sure that all of the people who will be working the booth know how to process payments, issue refunds and send receipts.

3. Let the customers know. Having the capability to process credit card payments easily at the trade show is great, but you need to make the attendees aware of this service if you want to reap the benefits. Consider having a professional sign made that tells customers they can buy your products right at your booth — and they don’t need to have cash on hand!

4. Order extra inventory. If this is your first event using mobile credit card processing, you may be surprised at just how much merchandise you can move when you make paying easy. Consider ordering more inventory for the show than you normally would.

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