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3 Tips to Streamline Online Donation Processing for Nonprofits

Credit cards were a catalyst for convenience of payment in the retail setting, revolutionizing the way customers paid at stores and restaurants for many years. After credit cards, it was online shopping, which made in your pajamas a possibility.

These trends in convenience did not go unnoticed by nonprofit organizations, making online nonprofit donation processing and credit card donations points of focus. Here are three ways to improve your ability to take advantage of online nonprofit donation processing.

Simple Online Forms

 Online forms for accepting credit and debit card donations make it easy for your donors to support your cause, and even easier when your online forms are simple. To best facilitate online donations through forms, you should choose a form that gathers only the most important fields and makes information entry the easiest.

Gathering the most important fields makes filling out the form an easier task — all your donors have to do is type, then tab over to the next field to keep entering information. The fewer steps there are to donating online, the quicker the process is and the better it will be.

 Responsive Form and Website Design

 Your online forms and, for that matter, your entire website should be designed in a responsive manner. Utilizing responsive design means that your website is equipped for optimal display on both a desktop computer as well as a smartphone or tablet computer.

More and more of your supporters and potential donors are turning to their smartphones and tablet computers for web browsing and email (mobile web traffic has already eclipsed desktop traffic from Apple devices), so making the donation process viable from these devices makes sense, and can boost your nonprofit donation processing abilities.

  Integrated Processing and Automatic Recurring Donations

 If you haven’t already, you should consider bringing together your payment processing and donor management system, or implementing an integrated donor management system with online nonprofit donation processing. When your system is integrated, you can take advantage of convenient features such having your donors’ information always in reach for quick donations as well as automatic recurring donations, if your donors wish.

Both advantages of integrated nonprofit donation processing make donating fast, and can be utilized as part of online donations. Recurring donations is a one-time online signup, and an easily accessible donor database can automatically fill in the fields on your forms to save time.

Simply put, by giving your donors fast, simple and integrated options for online donations, you’re making it easier for them to donate. Having simple nonprofit donation processing that can be done online with credit cards or debit cards helps you expand your core of regular donors, accepting donations from new benefactors, increasing donations and supporting the causes your organization is so deeply involved in.

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