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3 Reasons Nonprofits Don't Accept Credit Card Donations … And How to Overcome Them

Although accepting donations via credit card can result in a significant boost to donation receipts for nonprofit organizations, many nonprofits are hesitant to make the technological jump required to accommodate their donors' convenience. The reasons for this reluctance are as numerous as the nonprofit organizations themselves, but a few explanations tend to surface over and over again. What many of these organizations don't realize is that there are solutions to many of the obstacles standing between them and the increase in donations made possible thanks to credit card processing for nonprofits.

Lack of Technological Resources

Many nonprofits run on a relatively small staff, and may not have dedicated technical support personnel in-house. They may not be certain how to implement credit card processing solutions or how to incorporate them into their organization's website for online transactions.

Fortunately, payment card processors like BluePay have turnkey payment gateway solutions that can be added easily to your existing website, and helpful technical support and customer service personnel standing by to assist your organization incorporate these features.

Not all credit card processing companies are created equal, however, so it pays to research a provider's customer reviews to see how responsive their support lines are before signing on.

Low Transaction Volume

Some nonprofits receive donations on an irregular schedule and may receive only a handful of donation transactions during some months, leading their organizers to conclude that having a credit card processing account wouldn't be worth the investment. However, this overlooks the wide range of account types available to nonprofit organizations.

For nonprofits with a lower monthly donation volume, an account with a low monthly rate offset by a slightly higher per-transaction fee can make having a payment card processing account worthwhile — even with only a few transactions a month. Some processors even offer special rates to 501(c) nonprofit organizations.

Lack of Flexibility

A nonprofit’s needs are somewhat different from those of a retail enterprise in terms of the kinds of transactions your donors will make. You may wish to accept one-time donations and/or monthly subscriptions. You might offer donation incentives such as T-shirts, which require donors to select parameters such as sizes and colors. You may have tiered donor participation levels, or accept pledges for fundraising events.

A good credit card processing company can work with you to support your organization's needs fully and smoothly. To learn more about credit card processing rates, speak with a BluePay representative today.

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