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3 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Events

Is your company regularly involved in attending or planning events, conferences or meetings? If so, mobile apps for events are likely a key part of your mobile planning, communication and networking toolbox.

One essential mobile app for event planners is a mobile payment system. Whether it’s event registration, on-site sales or fundraising, the ability to accept credit cards on mobile devices is critical to modern events. Accepting credit cards on the go allows you to target 10 percent of Americans who don't carry cash at all or the 78 percent who carry less than $50 at any given moment.

But mobile payments are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mobile apps for event planners. There are countless event management apps designed to help you reduce costs and boost revenues at future meetings, events and conferences. Below are three popular mobile event apps:

1. For Business Conferences – CrowdCompass

CrowdCompass is a highly customizable event management app that allows you to easily set up and announce upcoming conferences. 

You can brand each event with your own theme, colors and graphics. And you can offer attendees the convenience of one-stop-shopping for:

  • Travel, bookings and flights
  • Speakers, activities and itineraries
  • Interactive maps and directions
  • Social sharing and speaker profiles

CrowdCompass even includes detailed analytics so you can share reports with supervisors and sponsors alike.

2. For Entertainment Events – CrowdTorch

CrowdTorch is similar to the above App, but it’s more targeted toward the entertainment crowd (sporting events, concerts, comedy shows, festivals and nightclubs).

The beauty of CrowdTorch is that you can easily build a community of loyal fans, complete with:

  • Social sharing and audience engagement
  • Ticketing and reservations
  • Detailed analytics (for sponsors and supervisors)

With a little ingenuity, you could also use CrowdTorch for industry trade shows and other corporate events.

3. For Meetings and Smaller Conferences – TimeBridge

For larger events, CrowdCompass and CrowdTorch are ideal. As their names suggest, they were specifically designed to manage large groups of people.

But how do you manage smaller events — especially meetings and retreats within your own company?

Enter TimeBridge — an intuitive app whose goal is to help you stop playing phone tag as you schedule meetings and group appointments. TimeBridge lets you easily:

  • Publish events and meetings
  • Isolate times that work for everyone
  • Set agendas
  • Send reminders
  • Solicit and manage feedback

Combine Event Planning Apps with Mobile Payment Processing

Event planning isn't easy. And often, the biggest expense of all is time. The three apps above can save you hours of hassle, allowing you to focus on activities that truly matter.

When you combine these apps with expanded payment options (i.e., mobile credit card processing), it becomes easier to uncover hidden profit potential at future events and meetings. To learn more about monetizing conferences and trade shows, click here.

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