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3 Electronic Billing Programs You've Probably Never Heard Of

There are a few standard electronic billing and invoicing software programs that everyone has heard of — the ones that the average entrepreneur might be tempted to toss into his or her shopping cart (real or virtual) when making the initial purchases needed to set up a business.

But where do entrepreneurs turn when those standard-issue solutions no longer meet their needs? The beauty of computer technology is that there's always someone out there pushing the envelope, finding innovative ways of giving consumers what they need more efficiently than before.

So what new options are out there for electronic invoicing? Here are three e-billing companies that may be flying below your radar:


Blesta is a professional software provider that offers automated billing and to help service- based companies streamline their operations. As a BluePay partner, Blesta integrates our secure payment processing solutions with their billing and client management solution for an all-in-one invoicing program.


If you’re looking for invoice and time-tracking software solutions accessible online, Invoicera is just the ticket. Invoicera software makes it easier to generate and deliver online invoices, so you spend less time dealing with paperwork. And because it integrates with BluePay for payment processing services, Invoicera is an electronic billing program that goes the distance for your business.


Spreedly is a subscription management platform that makes it easy to charge customers on a recurring basis. Spreedly creates a simple payment experience, removing the barriers to sales and driving down your costs.

Topics: Recurring Billing and Electronic Invoicing

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