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15 New Small Business Apps to Start Using Now

15 New Small Business Apps to Start Using NowApps for your smartphone and tablet have certainly made it easy to work from anywhere at any time. Every year, more app developers realize the opportunity they have to help small business owners work smarter and achieve their business goals. This year is no different, with a wide range of new apps for small business owners available to download and use right now. Here are 15 to start you off:

1. Noted

Noted is a free rich-text notepad and voice memos app combined for iPhone. Although the iPhone already has a similar capability, this app is different because you can mark important moments within the recording to find them later on. It uses a feature called #TimeTags. You can place a tag inline while typing your notes that you can tap later on to start playing from that point. To get more from the app, you'll need to pay for a low monthly subscription.

2. Just Press Record

Just Press Record is an easy-to-use audio recorder and transcription tool for iPhones. Every recording is automatically transcribed for you, saving considerable time and money. You'll be able to share the audio files and transcripts with whomever you want. The recordings can all be found on iCloud.

3. Yoink

Yoink is a ‘shelf’ app for iPhone and iPad where you can keep certain items to use later. The app takes what you place on your clipboard and grabs your download files from the Internet so you can access them when needed. It accepts images, text, emails, documents, and URLs. It's an excellent option for tracking and accessing documents you keep on your iPhone and iPad.

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4. MindNode

MindNode 5 is a free iPhone app that helps you connect your thoughts and ideas through mind maps. This app makes it easy to use these diagrams on the go and whenever ideas strike. Rather than having to be an artist, this app does all the images, icons, and color for you as part of its automated features. For example, a bulleted list on your iPhone can become a mind map with just one tap.

 5. FileBrowser

FileBrowser sends and retrieves files stored on any device using your iPhone or iPad. All you need to do is connect those devices, such as your PC, Mac, or online storage system. You can save connections and folders to access them quickly. Other features include file viewing, audio recording, archiving, and streaming.

6. Paste

Paste is an iPhone app that automatically stores everything you copy across all devices and maintains a clipboard history. This allows you to create presentations by pasting images, files, or links. Additionally, key links you may need to find for other projects are just a click away rather than a long search engine trip.

7. Time 2

Time 2 is the iPhone app update to the original Time app, which has proved to be one of the most popular time management apps for iOS. With even more features than the first version, it is designed to help you become more productive, so you finish more projects in less time and stop procrastinating.

8. OmniFocus 3

The Omni Group has released OmniFocus 3, the latest version of its task management app for iOS. With so much of a small business owner's professional and personal life converging, this app lets you keep track of tasks in both through one app. New features include tags for organization, a customizable interface, and an updated forecast view. It's free to download and comes with a two-week trial. After that, there is a fee for various versions of the app.

9. Agenda

Agenda is an iOS date-focused, note-taking app providing an efficient way to organize notes into a project while also developing a timeline. It includes an array of calendar features along with list capability and more. Although it's free to download and use, there is a fee to use all the features, as well as an additional cost if you want to use it on iOS and macOS devices.

10. Calendar

Calendar is a time management, meeting, and scheduling app for iOS and Android. It features machine-learning capabilities, which means that it can learn about your regular schedule, projects, and contacts so that it can automate many of the tasks involved in planning appointments and meetings. It integrates with many other calendars like Google Calendar and Office365 Calendar.

11. RememBear

RememBear is a password manager app for iOS and Android.  You can use it for web logins, credit cards, or any other account details that you need to remember while on the go. It works on multiple platforms, devices, and browsers for even greater convenience.

12. Beelinguapp

Beelinguapp is a free app to help add a language or two to your knowledge base in your free time. With a selection of 13 languages, it uses stories as a way to learn your chosen language. Plus, the app serves as an audiobook reader.

13. Files Go

Files Go is an Android storage manager app developed by Google. It provides a way for you to locate the files you need, clear up junk and duplicate files, and manage your cloud folder and filing system. And, it works seamlessly with all your Google tools as well as other software and platforms.

14. Remindee

Remindee is an Android app that helps you turn any shareable information or app you use into a reminder. It does this by adding a “Remind Me” button to your share menu. For example, if you decide to share a picture and then tap the "Remind Me" button, then that photo can be set as a specific reminder at a time you choose.

15. Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly is a very popular online tool for ensuring you have well-written content. Now, Grammarly Keyboard offers a dedicated Android app that continually checks for grammatical errors on your mobile devices. Not only does it look for grammar and spelling mistakes, but it also recommends how to create readable sentences. It's free and only requires a username and a registered email address to install it on your devices.

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