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New Ideas for Making Money on the Side

side-hustler-coffee-cupThe phrase, "world of opportunity," applies to what’s now possible for making money. People have always been resourceful, but thanks to technology and an ever-advancing civilization, there are now even more ways to collect that extra cash. 

Here are some offline and online ideas for making more money beyond just what you get in your paycheck every week:

1. Take a working vacation.

If you have a salaried job, consider using your paid vacation time and turn it into a working holiday. You’ll be able to collect your paid vacation time plus take on a temporary job or even sign up with an agency that can offer you temporary assignment in a different state or country. In this way, you not only make money, but you also get to enjoy the local flavor and sights. For example, companies like Oyster have paid slots around the world, including working as a ski instructor or being a guide.

2. Do jobs other people hate.

We all have tasks and errands that we wish someone else could just take care for us. Many have made money off housecleaning, gardening, and swimming pool maintenance. However, you can go beyond these common ways to make money and dig deeper into the mindless things we have to do every day. For example, some people have created a pet poop pick up service. Although it sounds ridiculous, they are making great money. You can also create other niche service areas, including grocery shopping, basic errands, Christmas light set-up and takedown, etc. With such hectic lives, more people are willing to pay someone else for the extra free time.

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3. Become a wedding officiant.

Fewer people are having religious-oriented weddings while others don’t necessarily want to do the ceremony in a courthouse. This is a great weekend gig that you can do just by taking an online course to get the certification to make it legal. You’ll get to participate in so many people’s special moments and experience their joy as an added perk.

4. Host an international student.

More students from around the world want to study in American high schools and universities because they see the value of the available education. You can host one or more students from various countries for a monthly stipend. All you need to do is provide a room, bathroom, desk, Internet connection, three meals a day and transportation to and from the school. Numerous companies are available online to apply through, but not all offer a stipend so be sure to find ones that do like GPHomestay.

5. Join focus groups, advisory panels, and research studies.

Numerous companies want your opinion and time to test products and services. They used to advertise in newspapers, but now you can find so many more opportunities by doing an online search with these key terms. Many also don’t require you to physically drive anywhere but may mail you the products and then have you do an online survey or videoconference session.

6. Feed others.

With more concern about what goes in our food, it makes sense to go back to the ground and grow your own. You can sell what you grow. Maybe you even want to get some chickens and start selling the eggs. Additionally, you can go one step further and make meals on-demand and offer them through your social media pages for local pickup and delivery. Many areas have burgeoning gourmet entrepreneurs that offer home-cooked meals, desserts, and baked goods this way. It’s cheaper than going the food truck route and provides some extra income.

7. Be a process server.

It’s a bit of a tricky job but it could prove interesting and does make good money on the side. All you have to do is collect a bunch of subpoenas, find the people that are on them, and deliver them. They will do everything they can to avoid you, but this could also be a way to satisfy that inner private detective/surveillance agent in you.

8. Recycle and de-clutter.

Think of what you already own and don’t use as a treasure trove of extra cash that will also help you simplify your life. From electrical components, scrap metal, and empty ink cartridges to clothing and textiles, there are many items that you can turn into cash by taking them to different recycling organizations that will pay you for all those items. Also, think about anything that you don’t really use anymore that someone else might want by posting these items on Craigslist, a local Facebook garage sale group, or a mobile app that serves as a marketplace for used goods.

Nowadays, if you can dream up a way to turn something into a profit generator, it most likely will work. That’s because people have less time and are struggling to keep up with their fast-forward lives.

You can help them out while you make more money for a win-win. And, with the various types of online and mobile payment processing companies now available, it's easier than ever to get started on these side gigs.

BluePay is pleased to bring you this valuable information from our partner, Due, makers of a free digital wallet that allows users to easily make and accept payments online.

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