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4 Reasons Why ISVs Should Integrate Payments

Posted on Jul 13, 2018
Independent software vendors (ISVs) are expected to deliver cutting-edge solutions to a diverse range of clients. Equally important, the software programs they develop should provide users with a seamless experience — devoid of interoperability issues, glitches and steep learning curves.  It’s a tough industry — one that only continues to become more competitive every day. 
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Topics: Payment Technology, ISV/VAR

Use Google Assistant to Make Payments with Your Voice

Posted on Jul 11, 2018
Google Assistant is a voice-activated tool that comes preinstalled on Android phones and a number of Google-branded smart home devices. iPhone users can also download this voice-activated technology as a dedicated app.  To begin using Google Assistant, you only need to say, “Hey Google” or “OK Google.” Then, you can voice any number of commands, whether you want to:
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Topics: E-Commerce and Online Payments, Payment Technology, Payment Trends

Fitbit Pay and Other Fitness Tracker Payments

Posted on Jul 09, 2018
With nearly 20 percent market share, Fitbit is arguably the most popular wearable technology in the world. These personal fitness trackers can monitor everything from your heart rate to steps taken to sleep patterns. With more than 25 million active users, Fitbit continues to rake in billions of dollars every year — all through sales of its wearable devices.  But the company believes its Fitbit can become more than just a fitness tracker. In 2018, it added mobile payments to its growing line of wearable tech.
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Topics: EMV, Payment Technology, Small Business Tips, Payment Trends

7 Ideas for Boosting Summer Revenue

Posted on Jul 05, 2018
Summer is a favorite time of year for most people. For businesses, it may not be the ideal season. With consumers often opting to spend money on vacations, summer revenue tends to stagnate and even drop. In fact, it is so common that many businesses plan for it by suggesting that their teams take their vacations. Projects and campaigns get shelved. 
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Topics: Partner Posts, Small Business Tips

Mind Reader Technology: Would You Like a Machine That Listens to Your Brain?

Posted on Jul 03, 2018
With the introduction of voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa and OK Google, users were finally liberated from the mouse and keyboard. Instead of typing queries, users can simply speak their choices, whether they want to:  Do an Internet search Jump to the next song Raise the thermostat  Voice-activated shopping has also flourished in recent years. In 2017, sales made through voice assistants approached $2 billion. By 2022, experts believe that number could exceed $40 billion — in just the United States and United Kingdom alone. 
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Topics: Payment Technology, Payment Trends

Hit the Road with In-Car Payments

Posted on Jun 29, 2018
It was bound to happen. Sooner or later, cars would join the pantheon of mobile payment technologies — a list that already includes smartphones, tablets and an entire range of wearables.  Although in-car payments are still relatively new, this technology allows users to fill their gas tanks, pay for parking, or drive through highway tolls — all from the comfort of their vehicles. 
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Topics: Mobile Payments, Payment Technology, Payment Trends

Best Cities for Small Business Owners

Posted on Jun 27, 2018
Small business owners often think they have the most chance of making it in larger cities. The idea is that these metropolitan spaces typically offer the most resources. However, that is no longer the case. Many cities outside of big hubs like Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago provide significant financial and growth support. This support includes funding, a low tax rate, and affordable housing and living. Plus, they deliver a good quality of life and other incentives.Here are some of the best small, medium, and large cities for small business owners:
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Topics: Partner Posts, Small Business Tips

From Chip-and-Pin to Chip-and-Skin

Posted on Jun 25, 2018
Over the last few years, chip-and-PIN has been heralded as the gold standard in payment security. These EMV credit cards come with embedded chips that are next to impossible to clone. To initiate an in-store payment, customers must input a personal identification number (PIN) that only they know.  Additionally, mobile payments and wearable technologies continue to grow in popularity every year. In fact, experts predict that annual in-store sales generated through smart devices could exceed $500 billion by 2020 — in the United States alone. 
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Topics: EMV, Mobile Payments, Payment Technology, PCI Compliance and Fraud Prevention, Payment Trends

4 Reasons Why Winning Awards is Important for Your Business

Posted on Jun 21, 2018
According to the American Marketing Association, the average U.S. consumer receives more than 10,000 advertising messages every day. These ads are delivered across a broad range of media, including television, radio, print, email and social networks.  Given this deluge of marketing messages, it’s simply not possible for any individual to sort through all of this information.  This is why we’ve come to rely on heuristics — i.e., mental shortcuts that allow us to get through the clutter. For example, if 10 million people buy the newest book from Dan Brown, you’re more likely to pick up a copy. It must be good.
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Topics: Small Business Tips, Enterprise Business Tips

Why You Should Start Thinking About Holiday Marketing Now

Posted on Jun 19, 2018
With the temperatures heating up, the holidays are probably the last thing on your mind. However, if you run an online retail business or sell products across channels, planning for the holidays now is a must. It's a way to come out on top with your target audience. Here are of some of the reasons why you should start thinking about and developing your holiday marketing now.
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Topics: Partner Posts, Small Business Tips

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